What is Thanayoga?


Thanayoga is a style of yoga practice that includes specific physical postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), meditation, mudras (hand formations) and tzedaka (charity).

Thanayoga helps us work through and grow positively from our Shadowlosses. A typical Thanayoga class is 60 minutes and uses asana (physical postures), mudras (specific hand formations), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditations.

The Thanayoga body of work is being codified and is only offered, at this time, through Cole Imperi.

Thanayoga was developed by Thanatologist and long-time yoga practitioner and yoga teacher Cole Imperi and seeks to provide a yoga therapy tool designed to address loss physically, spiritually and emotionally.


Thanayoga and Yoga Therapy

Thanayoga is a type of yoga therapy. It can be integrated into a scope of practice by yoga therapists and end-of-life professionals seeking to facilitate loss recovery in their communities and within themselves.


A typical Thanayoga class follows this structure:

  1. Mudra & Meditation

  2. Sun Salutations

  3. Progressive Sequence

  4. Hips + Breath

  5. Mudra + Meditation

Each section is 8 or 18 minutes long.



The Importance of Symbolism within Yoga Therapy

Research shows that when we can identify things that are meaningful to us, we are likely to have higher daily levels of happiness. A sense of meaning helps us to recover and rebuild after sustaining a loss. Symbols are a simple (but powerful) tool to access the healing power of meaning. Symbolism is an important part of Thanayoga.

Where can I take a Thanayoga class?

Thanayoga is an emerging practice and is only available through courses taught by Cole Imperi at this time.

This page is updated when dates/locations become available.

Online classes will be available in the near future.