Suit of Pentacles Earrings

Suit of Pentacles Earrings

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These elegant shooting stars are inspired by the Suit of Pentacles in tarot. They are made of sterling silver findings and laser-engraved silver acrylic. 

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These light-weight earrings are made of laser-engraved acrylic plastic. Acrylic is non toxic and recyclable in some areas. Avoid getting earrings hot or wet. 


Pentacles, also called coins, are associated with the winter season, the Earth element and have to do with material money, your career, bills, assets, houses.....getting it done! Themes of success, prosperity, safety and security are associated with the pentacles. 

If pentacles are showing up for you, wear these to remind yourself to take stock of your 'physical' world, to stay focused on getting it done and to set goals. 

The symbols in tarot that show up in your life are winks from the universe. Take note and enjoy them on your ears!