I appear in the film discussing the generational implications and changes surrounding the American culture of death. The above is a clip from the film I get to share with you. Check out the rest of MORTAL and the official trailer here.

Both Victor and I are Associate Producers of MORTAL.

Both Victor and I are Associate Producers of MORTAL.

MORTAL was born more than a year ago via Sara Feldman Sheehan and Bobby Sheehan, a husband-and-wife-duo who own and operate Working Pictures based in NYC. (Hmmm.....sounds like my husband, Victor, and I doesn't it? Another husband-and-wife-duo who live and work together.) Sara's father died in January of 2015 (you'll see him in the film) and like all losses, it created an opportunity for something new to grow. MORTAL began there, and it is taking us (still!) to new places.

This is a film about living.

It's about being Mortal. It gently touches so many aspects of death and dying—and life and living—that I am sure it will inspire you to really stretch out into your own life a little further. 

Thank you for being mortal, and please don't hesitate to connect with me.

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