La Petite Mortisode No. 8 – People Are Not Toxic, People Are Human

In this episode, I propose we make an adjustment to how we use the word 'toxic' to describe another human being. I show you why this is problematic behavior for ourselves because it eliminates the opportunity for us to offer compassion. I share a little bit of a real life example as I navigated the aftermath of my assault, we talk about 'emotional weather', vulnerability, presence, rumination and worry. Recorded in a hotel room in Vancouver, Canada at a funeral convention. LDT on the road!

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Guys! Here's the super fun Tarot By Mail we've got. You get a 3 card (real-deal tarot cards) in your mailbox, plus a tarot mat so you know how to do it and what to to look for. We've been having so much fun with these! And you can share your results in the Life, Death & Tarot Facebook group (PS: anyone can join!) Facebook Group here:

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Come join! We started crawling, and thanks to Shannon Feltus and Boni Dutch, we are now walking. Check out what tarot readings people got by mail! It's fun.


¶ The Greater Good Science Center

If you want to learn more about meaning, being present and gaining a stronger sense of inner happiness in a science-minded way, I 100% recommend visiting the Greater Good Science Center's website. 

They also have a podcast!

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There are a few—one or two– of some of the LDT earrings left! These are designed, manufactured, packaged all in the US and were super fun to make. I don't think I'll reorder anytime soon, thinking of some new designs! :)