La Petite Mortisode - No. 4 - Judgement and Drama

La Petite Mortisodes are! I try to translate concepts from my work in thanatology into things you can apply to modern day life. 

‡ Judgement and Drama (Things We Use to Protect Ourselves.)

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Friendship and how to be a supportive friend or family member during difficult times
  • The way we use 'Drama' and 'Judgement' to separate ourselves from the pain someone else is experiencing
  • What being present and supportive looks and feels like

This series on friendship is all about looking within....not out. It's an opportunity to check in with ourselves and take a reading—are you being the kind of friend you want to be during difficult times? 

If you have feedback or comments to share, you can reach me at lifedeathtarot@gmail anytime, or on Instagram @lifedeathtarot

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