La Petite Mortisode - No. 6 - Regret and Corpse Pose

In this Mortisode, we get intimate with a thanatologically-informed perspective on regret, that bitter friend most of us encounter at some point in life. I had a really terrible week this week, completely scrapped what I planned to do for the 6th Mortisode, and this entire thing came out in one take. We touch on yoga, savasana and how to start doing things NOW that seem completely impossible. You can do it.


Not the funnest friend at the party! I mentioned in this episode the saying "What we reject in others, we often don't allow in ourselves." Here's a whole episode devoted to that dynamic we sometimes find ourselves on either side of. 


Y'all, these paid tarot readings are there as a way to support this podcast and my work in thanatology. The fact that you guys support the podcast in this way is so cool to me and as I said in the episode, I get really excited to meet new people (and also energized by it). I believe I'm going to have to start limiting these, or taking them away for awhile. So, this is official notice....if you want one, get on it! You can also gift them to other people. I love doing these, and feel lucky to be supported in my work by so many. 


This is not a podcast-only newsletter, but I thought I'd pop it here in case anyone would like to get more email????