La Petite Mortisode - No. 2 - Figure Out Your Purpose

It’s our second Little Deathisode—La Petite Mortisode No. 2. We are going to talk about purpose, profession, passions, preferences and people. Why? Because a lot of us struggle with the idea that we may have a unique purpose in life. And it’s hard to get clear on what that might be. 


In this episode, I went deep and thoughtful with a burrito visualization to help you approach finding your purpose in a new way. Was it effective? I have no idea, and as I write this, it's too late to change it, so here we go.

Here's a graphic you can save on your phone. Now, you can associate the burrito emoji with finding your purpose. 


Basically, one way to gain clarity on your purpose is to:

1. Check in and see if you are confusing your profession for your purpose. Your profession is not your purpose, it's a way to express your purpose.

2. Preferences can support or derail you. They also change throughout your life. Check in and see how much alignment you have between the way you live your life now with your preferences.

3. Passions can give you clues to your purpose. Passions change throughout your lifetime, just like preferences. Make a list of the things you have been passionate about in your life and see if there are any patterns. 

4. People. It's important to be connected to others. When we become isolated, we often become disconnected from a greater sense of meaning and, a sense of purpose. So, stay connected and open to connecting. 

5. Your purpose has a voice. Listen for the 'Big Voice' in your mind, and the 'Little Voice'. The Big Voice is your ego, and speaks in 'shoulds', is loud, and has a lot to say. The Little Voice usually speaks quietly, in one or two words, and speaks about qualities rather than jobs/professions/material things. 

* Special thanks to Amanada for the burrito inspo before I recorded this episode.

The Greater Good Science Center is amazing. I was introduced to them several years ago in thanatology school. They have a podcast now if you are into that. I referenced them in this episode in regards to meaning. 

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