Episode 009 - Lacey

Lacey! Lacey chose the Angel Tarot Deck, and had two jumper cards. If you are a parent, have a child with challenges, lost a parent or are just navigating life....you might identify with Lacey's story. There's a great update at the end, too. 


This is the Angel Tarot deck, which is a Japanese deck!

This is the Angel Tarot deck, which is a Japanese deck!

‡ Ethnobotany: The Azalea

I'm cracking into my research at the intersection of ethnobotany and thanatology and I talked about the Azalea in this episode!

Here's a picture in case you want to know what this flower looks like.


‡ Tarot by Mail! 

I have a few left, and then they will go away. These are Rider Tarot Cards...in the future I'll do a new deck!

Tarot by Mail

A Past, Present & Future tarot card reading delivered to your front door! The Tarot by Mail package includes a paper reading mat with instructions and an envelope containing three Rider Wait tarot cards (read cards from an actual deck).

You can choose to join the Life, Death & Tarot Facebook group where you can share what cards you got and what they meant for you. You can also comment on other people's readings too! Cole will pop in from time to time to provide additional insight and information. www.Facebook.com/Groups/LifeDeathTarot (anyone can join this group fyi!)

*This product ships in 3–5 business days from Cincinnati, OH.


Lacey shared in her update how helpful this was for her and her family. So, I'm linking it here for any of you who might be interested as well!

pace place


Here's what Lacey had to say:

The 11th anniversary of my dad’s passing happened last week so all of this has been on my mind, too. 

We’ve just moved one from of those MN winters that feels never-ending. Three weeks ago we had a mid-April blizzard! But I kept up with my indoor plants and I think it made a great improvement in my mood over the cold months and celebrated my first indoor bloom in March. It didn’t occur to me until now, looking back at my IG post about it that it started as a triple bloom 😉

Sometimes I feel like I’m slower to make the connections, even after our tarot reading and being told exactly what to look for out in the world! Still though, since my reading with you I’ve started seeing a therapist regularly and am finding ways to feel less overwhelmed with life most of the time. 

Update on my son:

He is ready for Kindergarten to be over 😆

He’s grown in many ways this year and on paper he is thriving. However we have found that his anxiety is increased in many ways. I’m sure like many kids, he mostly holds it together at school, except he’s developed some compulsive behavior/tics as well. Me and my husband continue trying to find new/better ways of supporting him than what our natural instincts provide. As a plug, if that makes sense for an update!...We recently attended a seminar for families of children with “social learning issues” (diagnosed or not) by a guy named Eric who runs “Pace Place” out of Central Oregon. He came to the Twin Cities to speak and I’m so glad we were able to attend. He said something that really resonated with me, like this: 

Children who struggle with social learning issues are making the world a better place. It’s becaise in order to support them, their parents and even teachers must look into and heal their own past traumas. This allows you to understand and emphathize with them, to recognize yhat all their behaviors (and yours) are driven by an emotion. And all emotions are good and welcome and fleeting.

Thanks again, Cole!