La Petite Mortisode No. 11 - Discovery

The discoverer has a heck of a lot more to gain than the discovered. So many people harbor a secret wish that someone else will come along and discover them. At end of life, many people discover that not only did that not happen, but it never will. You can avoid that happening to you. Listen to this episode: discovery—to find out how. 

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¶ It's Ruby's Birthday

Photo by @thestorietellerphotography

Many of you guys follow me on Instagram @imperi or elsewhere online. If you do, you've seen my two beagles, Ruby and Hairy. 

On June 14th, Ruby is celebrating her golden birthday—14 on the 14th. The day this episode airs!

I found Ruby when I was 19. She was dumped on the side of the road in an industrial park. She has dwarfism and is very fierce. 

Sybilka, a photographer working on a project called Dog Moms of Cincinnati, recently came to see Ruby and take some photos. She shared this with me, and I'm linking you guys to Sybilika's Instagram account here so you can see cute pup pictures.