Episode 002 - Dana

Sometimes, we need to step back and remind ourselves that things are good, and we got this. Episode 2 brings us Dana, a baker from Oregon. We talk about rainbow scrunchies, elopement and imposter syndrome. Also, croissants because she is an expert in making them! (There's a followup at the end of this episode, too!)



Dana had her own tarot deck gifted to her by a friend and she sent me this photo. I thought it would be cool to show you the SAME cards in another tarot deck.  This is the Prisma Visions Tarot Deck. 



Here's what Dana had to say after her reading:

I was so, so surprised at this reading and what we discussed (and didn’t discuss!!) The week before, my boss and manager sat me down for an informal review and gave me some things they’d like to see from me if I wanted to be considered for a promotion to a lamination (croissant!) lead. One of these things was transparency, letting go of ego to ask dumb or obvious questions so I can take advantage of others’ expertise. I see so much of this in the 3 of pentacles card, letting go of this feeling of “impostor syndrome” so I can focus on what matters to me and my craft. And while I don’t have my rainbow scrunchie (yet!!) i see threes everywhere. Three rows of croissants for each sheet pan, three rolls in a croissant to make its signature shape, three folds in each dough to create all of those layers.

As for my 10 of cups card *in reverse*—this was foreshadowing that I never saw coming.  After my husband and I both had a particularly rough day at our respective jobs, he had a raw moment telling me not only how much he hate this job, but that he does it so I can pursue what I love to do and still afford to live comfortably. What a guy right? But I see the reverse aspect of this card now, and now we’re exploring his options with his career and how he can feel better fulfilled. 


I'm probably going to seriously offend people who read tarot professionally because.......I suggested wearing a rainbow scrunchie as a reminder to yourself that 'you got this'!

Well, I stand by that. And no, that's not traditional tarot symbolism. :)

I stand by that so much that I looked up rainbow scrunchies on Amazon. If I had enough hair to put into a ponytail (I basically have a mohawk IRL) I'd get the two below. THEN I discovered a RAINBOW FLOWER CROWN! Perfect brunch accessory? Professional office attire? Yes, definitely.

Anyway, thought I'd share. 


"How To Battle Imposter Syndrome" by Melody Wilding

Imposter Syndrome Test

Hi, you made it to the end. I was looking up croissants and this gif turned up in my search results. I don't understand, but I like it. Here you go.