Episode 007 - Jenn

You get to meet Jenn in this episode. Anyone ever know you need to let something go.....but you don't know what could possibly fill its place? And so the fear of not knowing what to expect has held you back from letting something go? You might resonate with Jenn's story. And, there is an awesome update at the end of the episode straight from Jenn!




During our talk in December, I mentioned that I'd signed up to be a part of a 40-Day personal transformation program that started in the beginning of January. It ended up being such an amazing gift: I learned so much about myself, dove into issues I'd been really blind to (or just subconsciously ignored), and had a big realization about my purpose. While I thought the hard part of my career transition was over, it turns out that it was just beginning: I had to reconnect with myself and learn who I am and who I want to be outside of the context of this professional, corporate-focused life I'd spent so many years building. I discovered that yes, I like teaching yoga and fitness, but what I REALLY love about it is being a leader and agent of change for my clients: the physical practice is a great tool for empowering them to see their own limitations and where they get in their own way, and it's a safe space to begin to push beyond their self-built walls. 

After some soul-searching, I've decided to pursue a wellness coaching certification with the intention of deepening my authentic voice in the classroom and eventually to connect with female students in the University community where I live as a coach and mentor. While I don't begrudge or regret the choices and path that led me here, I imagine I would have had a much happier time in my 20s if I'd had someone to help me see more clearly where I holding myself back.

All that said, I finally feel like I've found my purpose, dropped all my bullshit excuses, got clear on what's important to me, and know the direction that I want to take my life. It feels authentic, true, and meaningful, and I finally feel like the "me" I want to be.

So, thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that this might be coming and for being so generous with your interpretation and suggestions. I love listening to the podcast -- you have a genuine way of connecting with people, and it's wonderful to hear others get some affirmations and guidance from the Universe!

Jenn's Instagram: www.instagram.com/photojenny 

Website: www.chasethelightwellness.com 

As for the tarot deck, I purchased The Fountain Tarot (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1611805481/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) and a book through Biddy Tarot to study up on deeper meanings of the cards. I haven't done much work with the actual deck yet -- I'm reading through the book slowly and just trying to absorb the information. My plan is to use the deck to help inspire my yoga teaching -- draw a card when I'm planning my class theme each week and use that as my foundation and inspiration. It feels like an authentic way to weave it into my life and get me comfortable with the deck and putting it into practice.

I've loved hearing where the podcast has gone, and I'm actually listening to last week's "Le Petite Mortisode" right now -- keep up the amazing work! It's awesome to encounter other entrepreneur ladies making things happen for themselves in a really meaningful, powerful way.

P.S. I also LOVED your interpretation of the moon as a symbol in my life, and I've incorporated it into my business philosophy and actual description of what I do on my website -- I have you to thank for that brilliant metaphor and vision of how I want to be as a coach.


Guys, Jenn wrote an awesome blog post about her experience!! Read it here. 


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