Episode 020 - Simon

In this episode, you get to meet Simon. I’ve known Simon since 2011 when I met him on a trip to Israel. He’s in Paris, France now, and I’m in Kentucky. We connected over tarot cards in Israel all those years ago (because I brought a deck with me) and now you get to hear us connect over tarot cards again. Same deck! His interview came at a time of transition for him and he sent in an update which you can hear at the end of the episode. Almost a year passed between the time of his initial interview and his update!


If you’re new here Life, Death & Tarot is a thanatology-adjacent podcast offering alternating episode formats. This episode features an interview via a 3-card tarot reading. Tarot is not magical, they are just cards featuring 78 themes often found in a human life. We use tarot cards to help us see within ourselves more clearly, to challenge ourselves to be better people and to find broader themes in our lives. Our next episode is a La Petite Mortisode which means I talk to you about thanatology-related subjects.

We have listeners from all over the world and all of us have one thing in common: we want to live a brighter life.



Deck we used: The Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

Past position: Page of Pentacles in Reverse

Present position: Death

Future position: 2 of Cups

Symbols: White Rose, Red Hats, Purple clothing


Simon sent this update to us in early October of 2019. Let’s see what happened over the past year!

This year has been full of learning experiences.

The guy I went to Italy with on a second date and I aren't together. I believed I could be there as both witness and solution to his disintegrating marriage. Turns out I couldn't, and I am better off. I repeated this pattern of behavior several times this year: intense first flushes (hello Two of Cups!) with unavailable men—giving too much to people that were unable to reciprocate. I met off all of them while traveling. I went to Iceland with one of them as a second date. Of the three ill-fated love affairs I started this year, the guy I went to Italy with was by far the most light and enjoyable despite it not being great love (a naïve expectation on my part). His marriage is still disintegrating. Letting go is hard.We still see each other every now and then because we have great physical chemistry and enjoy each others' company. From the other two I learned that people who carry unprocessed pain around with them respond to vulnerability with critique or cruelty. People who refuse to acknowledge their pain entirely deny any responsibility for their relationships whatsoever. I learned to not take it personally and to impose boundaries; I learned to value myself as a caretaker and healer. 

I am very King of Cups—smart and articulate about emotion, caring, knowledgeable, patient and exterior-oriented, with thick emotional walls, a caretaker for everyone but myself. But these ill-fated relationships where a recurring, unpleasant pattern was the person rejecting my vulnerability forced me to care for myself, meet my inner Queen of Cups if you will. No partner will ever be perfect, but healing them without reciprocal care is unhealthy—a losing game. I replaced the thick emotional walls with healthy boundaries that I was active about enforcing. I think this is what being emotionally available is like. This is a good place to be in to fall in love.

I'm a natural empath so sometimes reading Tarot can be tiring—at a Tarot Therapy event I did a year ago, I did 20 minute sessions over 5 hours and couldn't speak afterwards I was so exhausted. Despite this year being very The Tower-esque I feel like I've learned and integrated a lot from my hardships (romantic and otherwise). Having boundaries lets me work with my clients emotions instead of only feeling them or becoming overwhelmed by them. I'm happy to talk about my clients' feelings and even more satisfied when they feel liberated to talk about theirs through the cards. I know it clears things up for me. I'm available by DM on instagram @siiighmon or by email at simonmprojects@gmail.com

Simon, thank you so much for sharing your story with us.



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