Episode 016 - Lauren

Lauren pulled the death card!!!!! It's my favorite card in a tarot deck, so I was suuuuper excited to see it pop up. And, it absolutely aligned with where Lauren is headed in her life. If you are pondering big life changes, give this episode a listen to learn how the death card can actually be really positive and exciting. 



We used the Morgan Greer Tarot Deck and Lauren got the Ace of Rods in the past position, The Emperor in the present position and the Death card in the future position.


I have thought a lot about the cards that Cole drew for me during our session. Everything has seemed to point toward the meanings of these cards- that I have finally made a decision on a path and taken steps toward an outcome that I want. The flow of inspiration and desire to structure and authority, finally to a new beginning and metamorphosis, strikes me again as extremely pertinent to my life this past year. 
I am enrolled to go back to school on August 20th! The big changes won't happen until next year when, hopefully, I begin full time nursing school. My partner has proven to be extremely encouraging. I feel like this phase of my life is very categorized by the Emperor card. I am moving from a passive, supportive role in our family to move of an authoritative, structured role. 
And finally, the death card. Nothing is more appropriately symbolic of this 180 degree change in my life and career. 
Unfortunately I haven't seen any of the symbols present on the cards. There are lots of hawks around but I haven't spotted any eagles or falcons, and no rams either! 
This experience has also gotten me interested in exploring tarot on my own. I purchased a Morgan Greer deck and have been practicing readings. I turn up a lot of wands cards, which is indicative of my metal state since our recording. 
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Thanks again, Cole!


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