Episode 013 - Mary

This episode brings us a jumper card—the 3 of Cups! Also known as the female friendship card, or girl squad or Galentine's card (I made that last one up, but....it's accurate.) You get to meet Mary today, a Mother, a Wife, a healthcare professional. Mary has navigated some major chaos in recent years.....hear what she dealt with, and how things are now—there's an update at the end of the episode!



In Mary's reading, we pulled the World card for her past, the Page of Swords for her present and the 8 of pentacles for her future. 

Mary got a jumper card as well....the 3 of cups (also known as the female friendship card!)


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Here's what Mary had to share:

Hey Cole! 
Thank you again for letting me be a guest on your wonderful podcast. 
The day after we spoke I took my first adult swim class. (I know how to swim. I’ve always been a fish, so this was more like a refresher course.) I spent a month relearning strokes and how to breath correctly, etc. This class was more fun than I had ever expected it to be. I’ve also started working on my over all health, and while this isn’t that big of a loss, I have lost 8lbs and feel a ton better. 
I haven’t had any changes at work. I’m still trucking along. Same old, same old. 
But I have definitely put in work in my personal health. 
My day to day hasn’t changed much. I am still with my girls almost all the time. I’m enjoying them being little while I can. 
We have relaxed some. I no longer feel like I’m waiting on disaster to strike or for the other foot to drop. 
The other day, my girls were napping and I was curled up on the couch with the cat. I had Bob Ross playing in the background and coffee and a good book. My husband was bringing me tamales. I felt like I had hit a gold mine, and realized that I am extremely lucky to have the life I have now. That alone is such a difference from a year ago when my life was chaos. Life is calm and good. 
I appreciate all the time and love you put into your podcast and I look forward to your book! 
Thank you so much!

Love, Mary