Episode 011 - Tuesday

Meet Tuesday Addams: young professional by day, creative burlesque performer by night. Do you have parts of your life that don't mix? Don't cross over? Don't mingle? Many of us do. Hear how Tuesday navigates this issue, and also learn about burlesque! I asked a ton of questions and Tuesday gives us all the details. There's an update at the end of the episode!

¶ Tuesday's Cards

Past: The Lover (in reverse)

Present: The Chariot (in reverse)

Future: 9 of Cups (the wish card!)


We used the Morgan Greer deck.

¶ Green Burial, Home Funerals, Thanatology: Hear me on a panel discussing these things and more!

imperi doula thanatology.png

My local NPR station—WVXU 97.1—had me on as part of a panel discussion talking about green burial, home funerals, death midwives and a little bit of thanatology. This was part of their Cincinnati Edition show hosted by Dan Hurley.

Cooler than cool: Joshua Hopkins Bugajski—licensed Funeral Director in Durham, NC and LDT listener—submitted photos of a green burial he worked on! And! The station took his photos and made them a slideshow and shared his video. How cool is that. GUYS HOW COOL IS THAT?!

It means a lot that I not only have listeners—because I seriously questioned if that would happen—but I also have listeners who are willing to share, participate and engage. Thank you Josh! 

Here's the link to listen online.

Here's the green cemetery, Heritage Acres. 

¶ Tuesday's Update

Hey Cole,

Let me just start by saying that after my reading, I truly felt like the cards *read* me. Like, RuPaul’s drag race, the-library-is-open-level READ. I had to leave my apartment immediately to go to wrestling practice (yes, I’m also in a wrestling league, although I haven’t actually thrown down yet), and hardly had time to process everything I was feeling. I still don’t feel like I’ve fully processed everything, but I've cobbled together some things I've noticed and thoughts I've had.

Initially, the reversed Lovers card and the possible internal conflict you described didn’t rig a bell for me at all. I’ve always felt confidently on top of my shit. Or at least, that’s what I had been telling myself. Right before my interview, I started taking an SSRI for anxiety, and honestly it was long overdue. I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life and it’s often stemmed from my perception of how I’m supposed to be vs how I actually am. This manifests when I overthink social interactions, and my career path and life choices. I even felt super self-conscous after my interview, as if I could have been a more "entertaining" guest. I also have perpetual imposter syndrome when it comes to burlesque-- I never feel like what I am doing is very good at all, and it's been giving me crazy writers' block. Since going on this medication, I feel so clear and stable. It seems ridiculous, in retrospect, to think about all the sleepless nights and panic attacks I just lived with because I thought, hey, I’m tough and I can handle this. I still second guess myself constantly, but it doesn’t feel so dramatic now, as though making the wrong decision would have drastic repercussions. 

My reading also actually gave me the confidence not only to put burlesque on my resume, but speak to my experience as a performer in a cover letter. I applied to a job at an community arts nonprofit in Providence, which is kind of a dream situation for me. (AS220, if you want to give them a shoutout— they’re an amazing organization) And even though I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the job, I’m still proud that I did that. And who knows? Maybe when I’m actually a real Providence resident, I will be able to get more involved and that could lead to something promising.

I think that’s it for my update! I don’t think I’ve hit the luck card yet... we still haven’t found a place to live or gotten new jobs, but when I strike it lucky, I’ll be sure to let you know :) 

Now, I gotta head back to working on a giant clamshell I’m building for a show this weekend. If anyone in Boston is interested in coming out to a show the day this episode airs, our final night of Stripsonian: Burlesque at the Museum is on Thursday, June 7! I’m doing a Birth of Venus act, which will be my first performance after my burlesque hiatus (seems fitting, too, since this spring has felt like a symbolic rebirth.) Otherwise, you can find me on Instagram at @_TuesdayAddams. You can also peep the other projects I am a part of: @BurlesqueBoston (on Facebook, Instagram, and burlesqueboston.com to see the wide breadth of amazing burlesque Boston has to offer), @RogueBurlesque (on Facebook and Instagram, this is the burlesque troupe I am a part of), and @BLOWW_Boston aka the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers (a queer-friendly and intersectional feminist wrestling league).

Thanks for having me, and for already helping me in so many ways! 


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