Episode 008 - Matt

A spitting Santa who blinds you, the little voice, seeds from childhood 'blooming' in adulthood, and figuring out how to be happy. I am so honored and pleased to introduce you to Matt, an individual I admire and appreciate and know from my hardcore yoga days. There are TWO updates from Matt, and I also interview Victor (podcast producer) in this episode, too. 





Matt's original interview was recorded on December 29, 2017. He gave us updates in February of 2018 and March of 2018!

Here's what Matt had to say:


"Life's been great since my reading. I've been looking for the symbols we discussed, and I've been accepting invitations to events that I would have never considered in the past. For example, next Saturday I'll be working an event—known locally as "the biggest party of the year." It's a costume thing that happens during Mardi Gras, and my specific responsibility will be judging attendee costumes to evaluate if they're 'good enough' to get in. I'm not a costume person. I haven't worn any sort of costume since 1987 for Halloween, so it's going to be interesting to see how it goes. I'm expecting to experience much, if not all, of the symbolism from the King of Pentacles card at the event—it is Mardi Gras after all!

I definitely enjoyed the reading. It had a feeling of psychotherapy, and I really liked the nature of allowing fate to select the cards, etc. I could see myself doing it again in the future."


"I hope my interview doesn't come off as too crazy. I was coming off a really intense experience and was a tad obsessed. Since my reading, I've been focusing on coming out of my shell a bit more—a lot more actually. I took the lookout for wine events and put my own spin on it as wine isn't really my thing. I've just been making an effort to connect more with people I interact with, and it's making happiness and joy much more effortless."


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