Episode 001 - Kat

What does finding loose change and attending wine tastings have to do with smoothing the stormy seas of life? Find out in this episode! You’ll get to meet Kat—a gal with a career in finance and an old house she’s making into a new home. The tarot card Cole is most afraid of popped up in this very intense reading—the Tower. 




Here's what Kat had to say several weeks after her reading:


Attached is a photo of my 'coins and wine' shrine—in the built-in china cabinet (let's face it, its a bar/liquor cabinet) in the dining room. I've got a stemless wineglass (next to the 'have a drink' marquee sign) with the pennies I've picked up from around the house in it. As far as the wine goes, I've tried two new bottles since we spoke, and bought a voucher for a wine tasting, but haven't met any new and exciting people through wine yet!

She continued:

I am a huge believer in 'life gives you what you need, when you need it.' Things happen for a reason, there are no accidents. I felt like my journey to discovering the life death and tarot podcast was a string of odd happenings, a very linear 'I found this podcast then I heard this guest and found she had a podcast then on her podcast there was this guest...' and eventually I saw your Instagram post about life death and tarot and immediately signed up. It was a defined series of events that brought me to the reading, I don't feel like it's anything I sought out or found on my own, it was something I was being led to. And to be honest, I thought about cancelling the reading multiple times - I'm a very shy person and HATE meeting new people by myself. The idea of having to talk to a stranger on a day when I was already feeling anxious and emotionally drained nearly paralyzed me. But, something in my gut said I had to stick with it, and I'm so glad I did. 

And more:

I have to thank you for taking the time to speak with me and to share your lovingly cultivated knowledge of tarot with all of us. If nothing else, the reading has given me a tool to mediate on my current situation more clearly, and has brought a bit of optimism back into my life. As I shared on Instagram, my new house has two colourful stained glass windows. One is a hummingbird window in a room I spend a lot of time in and it's one of my favourite features in the house. The other one is in the butlers pantry, which is more of a hallway than anything, and I truly could not have told you what was pictured in the stained glass if you had asked during the reading, I just knew I didn't care for it. It was too red, too yellow, too vibrant and bright.  After the reading, however, I finally 'saw' the stained glass and what it depicted. The window has grapes in the center. Isn't that crazy? I had earmarked that window to be replaced with something more soothing, cool toned, when I moved in but after this I think I will leave it. I'm not entirely sure what it means right now but I hope that in a year or so, I will look at it and remember a time in my life that was hard, but that I survived and came out of stronger (hopefully more cautious, like the King). And I'll definitely be in touch for another reading when I feel like this 'future' has played out. I'm now a firm believer in tarot's magic, and I hope after hearing my story, you'll continue to help others in the same way and share their stories on the podcast.