There is no magic in a tarot card, but the insights and conversations sparked by a tarot reading are often nothing short of magical. Join me, Cole Imperi, each week along with my guest as tarot helps us to explore life, our fears and struggles, our dreams and ambitions. 


Host Cole Imperi, a dual-certified thanatologist, takes listeners through an interview via tarot reading. Guests experience first-hand this non-magical method of introspection and self-discovery. If interviews aren’t your thing, listen to the Mortisodes which feature thanatology-related and adjacent content. Ever wonder how death and difficulty make life better? This is the podcast for you.



"Episodes" feature interviews via a tarot reading. You'll meet someone new in each episode, and most episodes feature an update at the end—what happened after the tarot reading? "Mortisodes" are shorter in length and feature distillations of concepts from within Thanatology, but translated into something you can apply to your modern day life. Listen below or wherever you get podcasts. 





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Thank you to the team of people who have supported Cole in her life's mission and in this project. Collaboration rather than competition, always.

Producer/Engineer: Victor Imperi
Music (Mortisodes): Brad Goodall
Music: "Queen of Cups" by Victor Imperi
Art: Mandie Reiber
Website: Doth
Thank you: Boni Dutch and Shannon Feltus for your pinpointed encouragement which gave me the push I needed at just the right time.


I started reading tarot as a kid—I think I was 9. I don't believe tarot cards are magical, evil or capable of revealing the future. I do think they can help you discover new angles to a problem, or help you see another side to things, or help you self-identify patterns of behavior. They are a dose of old medicine, in modern day. 

Let me explain. Tarot cards are OLD. The first generally accepted usage of tarot cards dates back to the 1400s. Psychology dates back to ancient Greece and was 'officially' formed as its own field separate from philosophy in 1879. Tarot cards, from my viewpoint, kind of served as the first psychologists. Here's what I mean by that—a good psychologist or counselor will work to help YOU uncover patterns and insights into YOUR own life. That's the same function tarot readings can have—they are a tool to help you unearth what's hidden, a tool for you to discover things within yourself. While tarot cards often have a 'mystical' association, they really are just a tool to help you uncover what might be hidden. 

A reading can feel particularly pinpointed sometimes. This is good. It means there's something there you need to consider or ponder. And, for what it's worth, I also do believe in magic—the magic of learning new things, connecting with people and discovering new parts of yourself.

I have read tarot for 20 years+ now. I have more than a dozen decks I read from regularly. I've studied the symbolism and I'm honored to be able to translate this very old skill into modern day. My process is unique and developed out of my years reading for people and from my work with death and dying.