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June 21–22, 2019 • NSNC Annual Conference



In 2019, you’ll be able to—completely online–gain a Certificate in Thanatology for End-of-Life Professionals and a Certificate in Death Companioning!

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The Certificate in Thanatology (CT) for End of Life Professionals is comprised of two courses: BFS310 Thanatology and BFS311 Applied Thanatology. This professional certification is designed to expose the student to the professional practice of thanatology, promote awareness and understanding of death and how it affects individuals, whether the death is a result of an acute condition, traumatic incident or a long-standing chronic illness. The application of thanatology relates to careers who support and assist those confronting end-of-life and loss issues. We have designed our certificate program for working professions who are looking to earn additional certification without sacrificing their current position or obligations. This certificate will allow students to offer a deeper level of service to the individuals they serve in their chosen career whether they are funeral service professionals, nurses, physicians, chaplains, doulas or otherwise. Details here


The Certificate in Death Companioning for End of Life Professionals (CDC) is comprised of two courses: BFS315 Death Companioning and BFS316 Applied Death Companioning. We have designed our certificate program for working professions who are looking to earn additional certification without sacrificing their current position or obligations. The field of end-of-life support is growing rapidly and includes death doulas, death midwives, end of life guides, hospice and palliative care professionals, funeral directors, clergy, community death conversation leaders and clinical professionals. Death Companioning is a service niche between death doulas and funeral directors and offers a way for end-of-life professionals, and those interested in furthering their study of end-of -life issues, a clearly defined area to work which takes into consideration the numerous legal, ethical and professional issues found within any young field. This certificate provides students with a clear framework for expanding their area of practice and to expand their knowledge of the growth within modern American deathcare. Students will also complete self-evaluations related to end-of-life issues and death anxiety, and learn skills which will allow them to more effectively navigate the care for an end-of-life practice. Details here.


There is no magic in a tarot card, but the insights and conversations sparked by a tarot reading are often nothing short of magical. Join designer and thanatologist Cole Imperi each week along with her guest as tarot helps them to explore life, our fears and struggles, our dreams and ambitions.


I've worked with death, dying, loss and grief in a lot of different ways over the last decade. Watch this talk where I share 5 good things I've learned from the greatest teacher–death.  

Download my "Dose of Thanatology" column for free and learn a little bit about the wonderful world of Thanatology. I make thanatology as fun and engaging as possible becuase I believe it can make day-to-day life better!


All of my services and merchandise are designed and produced by me. Your purchase of my services and merchandise directly supports my work to improve the way that we live—and die—in the United States.




Doth is my consulting firm. We work with businesses mostly within deathcare to help them navigate market changes and reach the right audiences. We provide marketing, operations, pricing, packaging and branding support.


We provide mystery phone shopping for the deathcare profession. We'll call your business and provide you with a thorough report that helps you identify areas where your business is excelling, and where it needs to improve.


I regularly teach at conventions, training seminars, and workshops. My public speaking topics range from generational marketing to end-of-life issues and grief/loss. Check out my CV or contact me today to see if my services would be a good fit for your next event.