Certificate in Death Companioning
For End of life Professionals


The Certificate in Death Companioning for End of Life Professionals (CDC) is comprised of two courses: BFS315 Death Companioning and BFS316 Applied Death Companioning. We have designed our certificate program for working professions who are looking to earn additional certification without sacrificing their current position or obligations. The field of end-of-life support is growing rapidly and includes death doulas, death midwives, end of life guides, hospice and palliative care professionals, funeral directors, clergy, community death conversation leaders and clinical professionals. Death Companioning is a service niche between death doulas and funeral directors and offers a way for end-of-life professionals, and those interested in furthering their study of end-of -life issues, a clearly defined area to work which takes into consideration the numerous legal, ethical and professional issues found within any young field. This certificate provides students with a clear framework for expanding their area of practice and to expand their knowledge of the growth within modern American deathcare. Students will also complete self-evaluations related to end-of-life issues and death anxiety, and learn skills which will allow them to more effectively navigate the care for an end-of-life practice.

Career Options
Potential career and industry options may include:

  • Funeral Service professions

  • Aspiring Doulas

  • End-of-life care practitioners

  • Family caregivers

  • Professionals who work in healthcare

  • Long-term care homes 

  • Hospice and palliative care volunteers

  • Social service agencies 

  • Community health organizations

  • Ministry and spiritual care providers

  • Counseling and integrative therapies

  • All who heed the call to embrace dying as part of the natural life cycle with more knowledge and compassion