My Favorite Tea of All Time

I drink tea nearly daily. And I am fortunate that there is a truly authentic tea house within walking distance from my home. Yunnan Goldtips Supreme Tea

Anyway, I was introduced to my-very-favorite-tea-of-all-time at this tea house, and it's called Yunnan Goldtips Supreme. It's a black tea and it is incredible.

It's liquid luxury. The smell is intoxicating and rich. The flavor is deep and opulent.

Steeping Yunnan Goldtips Supreme

I take the used tea leaves and add them to my houseplants--they benefit from Yunnan just like I do.

Steeping Instructions for Yunnan Goldtips Supreme

It perks us up. It chills us out. It soothes our nerves. It makes us happy. It makes us take pause.

Yunnan Goldtips Supreme Tea Steeped

Well, the houseplants probably don't take pause.

But I do.

Are you interested in trying this tea for yourself? Here's a link to Essencha Tea House in Cincinnati, where I order mine.