Yoga; Lots and Lots of Yoga

On January 3, 2010 I began reaching for a lofty goal...30 yoga classes in 31 days. That's a lot of yoga.

In preparation, I penciled in all the yoga classes I was planning on going to. I moved appointments around. I adjusted my hours at work. I planned my eating. My laundry schedule. I just felt like I couldn't let "I have no clean exercise pants" be an ecuse that would prevent me from attending class.

January 20 marked my 18th yoga class.

It also marked 7" lost and 5 lbs. down.

Seven inches.

I just like to say that out loud to myself.

Seven inches.

But what I'm more proud of is what I've been going through these past few weeks. I feel stronger. I feel calmer. More focused. More at ease. Looser.

It's a wonderful feeling.

I'm going to write more on this wonderful yoga experience after I complete my month-long goal.