Workshop Report | Modern Envelope Calligraphy

Sunday 24 March 2013 was full of ink, nibs, envelopes and discussions on 'modern' calligraphy. 

I hosted a small workshop at my studio for a group of 4. We spent about 2 hours covering a broad base of information. Things like:

  • Nibs (types of nibs, how to clean a nib, nib storage)
  • Nib Holders (types of nib holders, finding the right one to use)
  • Paper (cotton paper vs. other types of paper, 'calligraphy' paper)
  • Ink (dip pen ink, fountain pen ink, metallic ink, when and how to use)
  • 'Modern' Calligraphy (what makes it modern, what makes it traditional)

I shared my best tips for making your envelopes look 'fancy' and we broke down the 'formula' for great calligraphy.

Which, basically, comes down to consistency. Consistency in the angles of your letterforms, consistency in the 'thicks' and 'thins' and consistency in the width of the letterforms.  

And, we had a little discussion about behavioral psychology and how to utilize handwritten notes best in a marketing/branding sense.

I'll be hosting more workshops soon. And for a post with a few more photos and commentary, you can go here.