Windsor & Newton Watercolor Set Review

I'd like to introduce you to the Windsor and Newton Cotman Sketcher's Pocket Book. It's a little watercolor set.

This belongs to my husband and it's something he picked up to accompany him on sketching trips. He's by no means a committed watercolor artist--just one that enjoys the hobby, as are most of us.

My husband selected this for its compact size. He can easily tote around this set, a waterbrush and a Moleskine.

He really likes the little brush that's included.

If you're curious about Windsor & Newton, it's my husband's first choice. He certainly labored over his choice in this travel watercolor set and has been completely satisfied with it. Here's a link to the Windsor & Newton website. This link will take you right to the page for this set.

I'm curious, do any of you dabble with watercolors? What are your preferences. The watercolors I use come in a tube and not in bricks, like this set.

What's nice about this set is that you can purchase more paint bricks. My husband has plans to swap out a few colors in this set.

And for good measure, here's a shot of some watercolor swatches in their pure form. These were made using the included brush.I love being able to paint on the go, and I love that my husband does this. Do you ever paint when you're out and about?