What's Inside My Purse

I'm going to do something today most people would be ashamed to do. I'm going to show you what's in my purse. First, this is the purse I use every single day. Every single day.

My Purse

It's 6.5" x 3.5" x  1.75" so it's not very big.

Here's what I keep inside: Purse contents That's everything. I promise that I did not remove any receipts, candy wrappers or anything else.

I have to tell you, life with a small purse is pretty good. Once I got over the whole I might need my {insert item here} thing, I quickly found out that I nearly never needed my {insert item here}. I mean it. I found that my friends had it in their giant purses if I ever needed something.

My life is simple without a giant purse. I carry less, I need less. Life is good.

Purse Contents in the purseSee how it all fits so perfectly? There's no room for anything else, which means I don't put anything else in it. It keeps things more streamlined. But I have to be honest, this has only been my reality for about 18 months. I am a former giant-purse-carrier.

Be honest with me; could you carry a purse this small? Have you ever tried?