We found a baby bird

It's spring, you know. Birds tweet from sun up to sun down; flowers are in bloom and pollen counts are high. Spring, fabulous spring.Last night, my best friend called. "So, there's a baby bird in my driveway and I don't know what to do," she said. "There's also a cat ten feet away."

What are you supposed to do when you find a baby bird? Is it true that you shouldn't touch them?

Basically, there are two types of baby birds. 1. True baby birds (no real feathers yet, still pink) 2. Fledgling (have real feathers; hops but doesn't fly)

If you find a true baby bird, it probably fell out of the nest or got blown out. You should pick it up, warm it in your hands and put it back into the nest.

If you find a fledgling, don't put it back in the nest. It might have taken the leap to fly too soon, but it should be able to fly in a couple of days. If you look around, you'll probably see the mother somewhere nearby. As a fledgling, life is dangerous. Many get killed at this stage of life because they aren't full adults yet and they have a lot to learn about living in the wild. Just have faith that mother nature will take care of the little guy.

Anyway, I went over to my friend's house and we noticed that it was probably a fledgling, but it definitely wasn't ready to leave the nest yet. We picked it up to make sure it was warm and we were relieved tontine out it was. We saw the mother nearby (and the cat) so we left it in a safer spot behind some fencing.

Hopefully little bird learned to fly!