A New Wax Seal and Sealing Wax

I've been slowly trying different types of sealing wax over the past few months. I'm in search of that perfect sealing wax that will allow me to seal the outside of the envelope AND have it stay in tact throughout transit. I know several of my correspondents swear by the colored glue sticks for use in glue guns.Wax Seal and Sealing Wax But, there's something about traditional sealing wax. Something about the experience. Something about the fact that this is a component of letter writing that hasn't changed for years and years and years.

And years.

Lighting Sealing Wax

My Mom picked up the green sealing wax in these photos for me while on vacation in California. What a great souvenir, right?

Melting Sealing Wax

It's made by Freund Mayer. Here's a link to the Freund Mayer website, but it's wholesale only.

It's a nice wax. It does the job. The color is great. It stuck a bit to my brass seal, but not so bad that I couldn't use it.

Forming The Wax Seal

It came with a little paper full of information on the history of wax seals, how to use them and even a little on etiquette too. Here's what the seal looked like after cooling:

Dried Wax Seal Stamp

Mom also got me a little brass seal with the letter 'N' to make a complete set. Here's a different angle of the seal.

Wax Seal Stamp Side View

And here's the brass stamp I used. I want to mention something here. If you are someone that looks online for wax seals, take note. If a wax seal looks like below and is labeled as being 'antique' or 'vintage,' make sure it really is. The one below is brand spanking new and will cost you just a few dollars---so don't pay more than that! ;)

Standard Brass Wax Seal

I don't yet have a favorite sealing wax, and I think I know why. For some letter writers, the wax seal is more utilitarian--it's about sealing your letter with wax and marking it with a stamp.

For me, it's about the whole letter-writing deal. I like to spend a few extra moments with a letter I've just written. I like to prepare something lovely. I like the steps involved in my process.

Taking time to write a letter is such a luxury and wax seals are, well, luxurious. For me, it's really no difference between the wax beads or the sticks, it's just that I'm doing it.

I'd really like some feedback from all of you---what's your take on wax seals? Do you have a favorite brand/type?