Even the Post Office Gets Irritated

I write a lot of letters. I get a lot of letters too. And I am even on a first-name basis with several post office employees at my local branch. Every PO Box renter at my branch got a generic black and white postcard in our boxes this past week and after reading it I realized 'Oh my God, the post office workers get just as irritated at us as we do at them!'

You know, I appreciate the post office so much--but not during times when friends four miles away mail me a package that somehow takes four weeks to get to me. I know we all have post office horror stories.

Here's what makes them upset (things NOT to do):

  • If your mail is metered (meaning, it's got an ink stamp on it---not a sticker stamp) then it should be put in the mailbox the same day as the meter date.
  • If you have five or more pieces of metered mail then you should face them all in the same direction and rubber band them together before dropping them off.
  • Keep stamped mail separate from metered mail.

Did you know? In the Cincinnati District, more than 1,000,000 pieces of mail are collected each business day.

This is a section from the front of the post card. I appreciate how it breaks down what each part of a meter stamp is from and I thought you might too.