Twitter: What is it and How do I use it? | A Super Short Guide with Twitter Resources

I hope this little post will be a good jumping off point for you. If you've got a good link to share, leave it in the comments! What is Twitter? Twitter is a social network. People sign up for a free account and they 'tweet' (aka Post) little blurbs about, well anything. Think of it as a mini-blog.

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OK, so what is that? Think of it as your life on paper. Let's say at 10am, you post a blurb about something funny your child said. Then, at 12pm, you answer a question someone you follow, asked. Then, at 3pm, you share a link to a great recipe you found online. It's sort of a running list of things you like to talk about. Despite what a lot of recent advertising campaigns depict, it's not a running commentary on what you're actually doing (i.e. I am sitting on the patio). The purpose of Twitter is to share; so share things you are interested in.

What do I do to get started? Go to Sign up for an account (just follow the steps).

Tweet from Your Cell Phone

Is that it? That's the basic part of it. But I do have a few other suggestions + make sure you choose a username that's easy to remember. Don't do something like ABXGURRRL4114. Using your name is pretty good. + put up a profile picture aka avatar (click on settings in the upper right hand corner) + put in a description (also accessible through your settings). Make sure you have your name in there if it isn't in your username. People like to put a name and a face behind your account. It's also useful to say what state or city you live in so those around you can find you. Many people list their interests or jobs as well. + set up your phone if compatible. I do most of my tweeting from my iPhone, and there are options for lots of other phones as well. Either search the internet or ask your carrier.

What should I not do? Don't tweet overly personal stuff. Keep it professional and stay away from TMI (too much information).

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Who is Twitter best for? Well, many professionals like twitter because it allows them to quickly network with new people and share things with each other. Mommy and Daddy-bloggers like it too because they can find others just like them to share with. Really, anyone can benefit from it. I can tell you that you shouldn't join Twitter unless you plan on sticking around for awhile. If you just want to 'try it out,' it's probably better if you just look at some people's Twitter profiles; that way you can get a feel for it and decide if it's for you.

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