Travel to the North Coast

Ohio is a coastal state. Not 'cool' coastal as in on the Pacific or Atlantic. We're in the Midwest here so any coast within a few hours drive is just fantastic. We have a mixture of sandy and rocky beaches dotted all along good old Lake Erie. You can't miss them, they're right in between sleepy towns and the meandering 'Coastal Highway.' This year, my husband and I spent a few days in the Port Clinton, Ohio area and spent most of our time on two wonderful public beaches.

You know, just because it's in Ohio doesn't mean it's any different from a beach elsewhere......

We've got blue sky.

Lake Erie Sky


And warm sand.

Lake Erie Sand

And we had lots of space.

Maybe Lake Erie beaches are a little different from the jam-packed beaches found on the East and West coasts...

Lake Erie Port Clinton Beach

Oh, and of course scenery. We had lots of that.

Port Clinton Beach

And we had the beautiful Ohio flag blowing in the background. Proud buckeyes, sitting on the beach, we were.

Port Clinton Lakeview Park

And my husband gave me presents! We both had birthdays (two days apart) that week and had a birthday celebration early one morning by the waves.

Presents at Lake Erie

We both had the same sand-covered feet that you'd find at any other beach too. ;)

Sandy Feet

But really, the week away served the same purpose as any other vacation by the beach: to soak up some sun, go to bed tired, wake up rested and spend time with the ones you love.

Port Clinton Ohio Beach