Travel | A Memorable Moment in a Treasured City

I'll never be able to replicate this moment. Or the feeling I had at the precise moment it was taken. Australia Moment

That's me on a hillside just a few miles outside Victor Harbor, Australia. Victor Harbor is south of Adelaide, SA.

It was a warm day in March and I was out roaming the Australian hillside with two sisters I was staying with. We snacked on McDonald's in the car on the drive down (I had a flake, a Coke and some fries) and on the walk up the hillside we laughed and joked around as we made the climb.

I think that was the last day I felt like I had absolutely no responsibility. I hadn't yet finished college and I wasn't close enough to graduation to feel impending school loans breathing down my neck. All I had in that moment was the Australian sun and the sanctity of knowing I was 3,000 miles away from anyone I knew and virtually unreachable. Why was that comforting?

Maybe because we, as humans, rarely get to experience that. And when we do, most of us freak out. I think I was mature enough to realize that the exact circumstances of my life at the time of this photo would never be replicated. And I relished it.

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