Tracking Your Happiness

Several months ago, I signed up for something called Track Your Happiness. I was intrigued by this. This website (which is free) emails you a series of surveys every six months to gauge your happiest and unhappiest times. I just completed my second cycle with it. You can respond to the emails on your computer or your phone (it's optimized for the iPhone, but there is no iPhone app) which makes it convenient.

Happiness is such an elusive thing for so many people--I hear and read stories all the time on the topic. How to find it. How to catch it. Chasing it. Losing it. It's a common thread we all share as people; we want to be happy.

When I first heard about this, which I think I stumbled upon through Twitter, I caught myself thinking well, I KNOW when I'm happy. Which to me, is a big flag that you maybe don't. ;)

While many of the items I could have predicted, many of them left me scratching my head and thinking more intently on the topic.

I'd like to share with you some of the results from my most recent Happiness Report, which I completed in March of 201o.


This first one surprised me a bit. I expected to see my weekends as my happiest days. However, after considering it, I realized it is a good reflection of things as they actually stand. I tend to schedule meetings Tuesday-Thursday and those can often be exhausting. Plus, I have to get dressed and usually drive all over town and all that fun stuff, which I don't like. I mean, I get dressed every day, but well, you know. When you have a meeting with someone, you like to really get dressed. Look nicer. That sort of thing.

Friday is my happiest day because the office closes at noon on Fridays!

Picture 4

This one made me scratch my head a bit. Generally, when I am interacting with more than one person, I am out of the house and office and more often than not, my husband is not in tow. I guess this just verifies that I am, in fact, a social person.

Picture 6

I'm pretty sure this one is true for all of us. When we accomplish more, we are happier. Isn't it funny then that procrastination is such a huge problem for so many of us? ;)

Picture 7

Another no-brainer.

Picture 8

So, this is Track Your Happiness.

I think it's a valid use of time and I'm looking forward to doing it again in six months.

In fact, it might be something I ask my employees to do because it can't hurt. And, if my employees are happier, they're more productive.

What are your thoughts on this as a tool in the workplace to enhance happiness? And, if you've done this or are going to try it, please let me know!