Tools of the Trade | The Elements of Style

Writing is such an important tool we all have but seldom use. I mean, really use. We write things all the time; the grocery list, our signatures, notes taken during a meeting; the list goes on. But do you ever really write anything? When's the last time you did?

Better yet, do you write well?

This is one of my favorite books: Wiliam Strunk Jr. and E.B. White's The Elements of Style.

The Elements of Style

It's a small book and is only about 80 pages long. It's more of a reference book really and it will help improve your writing. This book was a requirement when I was in journalism school, and it's one of the few books that continues to teach me lessons even though college is long over.

Like this:

Among. Between. [see page 40] When more than two things or persons are involved, among is usually called for: "The money was divided among the four player." When, however, more than two are involved but each is considered individually, between is preferred: "an agreement between the six heirs."

Man. I know I mess that up a lot, but it's stuff like this that makes sense. And it's things like this that make you smart and sexy.

Have you read Elements of Style?