Tillandsias....in the rain?

Alright, I know. I'm a big, giant nerd. I am obsessed with air plants and I understand if you decide to shun me. I understand if you assign me to your 'dregs of society' pile. If I myself had the sad fate to stumble upon some poor girl who loves air plants, I would surely read with pity and then promptly delete the blog from my browsing history. Lucky for me I've managed to find someone to marry me already and I've managed to find a couple dear friends who I know won't cast me away. ;)

Just kidding.

Well, sort of. What's a girl like me to do?

Anyway, May 2 (the day of Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon) was a joy for non-marathon runners. It was delightfully overcast and brought a near-constant rain. It was as if the whole of Cincinnati could be the backdrop in a Jane Austen novel.


So, perhaps, a combination of the romantic-esque weather (at least that I convinced myself of in my natural inclination to err on the positive side of things) and an empty house, I ventured to pull my tillandsia out from their respective perches around my urban cottage.


Thus, photos of them in a springtime Ohio rain.


Boy, where did that popular girl in high school I once was go? Seems I fooled them all. ;)