Tillandsia - How I Love Them So

I received my first air plant (that's Tillansia's common name) when I was 12. I don't really remember why I got it, but I believe my Mom picked it up for me at a local nursery. IMG_0054

I'm going to tell you a little bit about my favorite houseplant in this post, in hopes that it will become yours too. ;)


I realize that most people look for the following in houseplants: 1. Flowers 2. Foliage 3. Free


The air plant has all three. Except, I imagine, most people want houseplants with large, green leaves that are soft to the touch with a vibrant, glossy shine. Something like the golden pothos or even a rubber tree. Maybe a philodendron, too. Those are all great plant options, but, none are quite as versatile as the tillandsia.


The tillandsia is a bromeliad. A pineapple is a bromeliad. Spanish moss is a bromeliad. A bromeliad is a type of plant. That's really all you need to know there.


A tillandsia is an epiphyte. That means it doesn't need soil. It gathers all that it needs from sunlight, water and air.


What I love most about air plants is that I can place them wherever I wish. In a dish, a pot, a bowl--or hanging from some fishing line.


Tillandsia's reproduce pretty quickly too. Depending on the type of air plant, in less than 12 months, one plant can easily become four, five, six or even seven. That's what I meant when I said they were free--you just snap off the 'pups' from the 'mother' when you'd like another plant, or you can leave them together as a clump.

IMG_0061I was fortunate enough to find some beautiful antiques and pretty things at our local thrift store and my tillandsias look beautiful filling them up.

IMG_0062The tillandsia below is in bloom. Each plant only blooms once. After it blooms, it begins to produce pups. The mother plant will either die away in a few months or a few years. What a remarkable and captivating life cycle.


So, this is my little introduction to air plants. I hope you'll consider them as an addition to you home. The one's above I ordered online from Air Plant City in Florida. Catherine Essigman is the owner and she will communicate directly with you about any questions you may have.