The USPS is Legit

In February of this year, I was in New York City for most of the month. I extended my trip and ran out of business cards. Victor prepared a box of stuff to send out my way. He sent a stack of business cards, a Timbuktu bag for my sister and a new internet router for her apartment. Both my sister and my spouse are ridiculous. Claire did not give Victor the suite number for her office....just a building New York City....and Victor did not put a return address on the package.


So, the package was undeliverable.....and......unreturnable.

In April, no package was obviously going to show up so Victor contacted the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta, filled out the paperwork and.....that was it. That's what you do when you need to try to get a package back.


We knew if we didn't hear back, that it would go up for auction. We just assumed we would never see the package again.

Then, I go to my PO box last week, and look what was waiting for me!

This is the same box everything was sent in. They got inside the box, verified the contents listed matched the description Victor wrote down, pulled out one of my business cards and taped it to the outside.


I just wanted to share this with you guys. It's really great they dug through everything to return this to us.

In the future, Victor will be utilizing the return address feature and Claire will make sure to deliver complete addresses to people who request it. :-)

And I will continue to be grateful to the postal service, and will continue to faithfully write letters, and send them through the faithful USPS.