The Last Warm Day Of The Year

The last warm day of the year is a wonderful day. But also a hard one.

You know you won't feel that kind of warmth again for months.

And you'll be the loser that gets excited about getting into your car in the middle of January because it happened to be a sunny day and your car is therefore slightly warm inside because it sits directly in the sunlight.

Or maybe that's just me.

Hairy peeks

But Hairy? The love-of-my-life beagle doesn't worry about things like this. He gets to lay in sun patches all winter, and only has to go outside to pee. He gets to snuggle in bed all winter long, whenever he wants. He doesn't have to deal with coats that make you all static-y. Coats that keep you warm when you're walking to your car, but then you get overheated after sitting in your big coat, in the car, after awhile.

He's content to sit out on the back deck, even when it's a little nippy outside, just to watch the world slowly change.