Museum 5/12: The Contemporary Arts Center

One of my goals in 2015 was to visit 12 museums, and to share details about those visits with you. Museums are great places to hide, to socialize, to think, to listen to audiobooks or music and to wander. They are also places to collect inspiration, to ponder, to absorb, to grow and to learn. Hopefully one of my visits will inspire one of yours. 

Museum Visit 5/12: The Contemporary Arts Center
Date of Visit: 28 March 2015

We became members after this visit!

I have been to this museum several times before as it's less than a mile as the crow flies from my home. This visit was our first time in after they opened Collective CAC which is a coffee bar + cafe. Sign me up! Members get 10% off at the cafe. 

We showed up on a Saturday in March drawn in by their scrimshaw craft activity....definitely for kids but they welcomed us as adults! It was a blast. The top floor is 'the kid floor' but definitely don't miss this floor if you're an adult. It's fun.


The ship in my palm is what scrimshaw actually looks like...I love the aesthetic. I am partial to all kinds of of folk arts though. The circle is my first try at scrimshaw, ever. Not so great, but certainly a lot of fun! 


We saw two exhibits on this visit: Daniel Arsham | Remember the Future (photos above) and Albano Afonso | Self Portrait as Light. Both were moving, striking and engaging. I favored Daniel Arsham's work and Victor favored Afonso's work. 


1. Collective CAC  I was also there the first week of April for 4 hours working from 5-9pm. I started with a mocha, moved on to Prosecco and a salmon salad. I sat at the bar, hung my bag up on hooks beneath the bar top, and I was able to keep my laptop charged with the built in chargers (USB and regular outlets) at my seat. Free wifi too!

2. The Quiet & the Architecture. I have always liked this museum for the type of quiet you get here. It is very different from the type of quiet at other museums. Here, there is a lot more space and the insane architecture moves sound through the facility in a very different way. Zaha Hadid did this building, and it's gorgeous. 

3. The Gift shop. This is a great place to find special gifts. 


1. They are open late Wednesday–Saturday (9pm). Great place to meet for a drink!

2. The coffee is on another level.

3. Exhibits change regularly. If you live in the Cincinnati area, consider membership. You get more than just a museum as a member. 

The Contemporary Arts Center
Address: 44 E. 6th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 
Phone: (513) 345-8400