Tea | What My Tea Time Looks Like

I've been a tea drinker for years now. I, like most people, started out with bagged teas found on a bottom shelf at the grocery store. Let me tell you, those are not teas. Well, not good teas. I now buy all of my tea in loose leaf form. Loose leaf teas have more flavor and are generally fresher. I have a pot of tea first thing each morning, and I generally brew a second pot in the afternoon. Most days I drink an everyday black tea, which is what I'm going to show you here.

Would you like to have a pot of tea with me?

First, I light a tea candle. This keeps the tea hot. The tea pot sits directly above this little candle.

SE Tea Light

This is my favorite everyday black tea. I measure the proper amount into a netted plastic cup. Then I place it into the water to let it steep.

SE Tea Bag

Here's the tea pot I'm using today. My husband gave this to me as a gift when we were still dating. It's a common tea pot, I've run into several other people with this exact same one over the years.

SE Tea Pot

Now I've got to pick my tea cup. I'm very picky about this. Some days I use a coffee mug, other days I use this happy yellow tea cup below. This was a present I gave to myself (how nice!) last year.

SE Tea Cup

Oh good, the tea is ready! Let me pour a cup for you....

SE Tea Spout

How about in this nice clear tea glass? Just look at that color--enjoy!

SE Tea

Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? What is your favorite kind of tea? Can you suggest a coffee I might like?