Tart Treasures!

Tarts are some of my most favorite things to make. They require a lot of attention and a certain amount of artistic endeavor to boot. I especially love mini tarts; just large enough for two bites. Like these:

tart5See, first, I bake my tarts.

Then, I put a layer of something on the bottom. This could be a custard, marshmallow fluff or in today's example, Nutella.


Once I layer the bottom, I decorate the top with lots of fresh fruit.

So summery. So choice. So pretty. So fabulous.


My second favorite size is about 4" in diameter. This is large enough to cut into four pieces which is more than enough for nights when my husband and I share dinner with my parents. I always make fresh whipped cream to go alongside and it's always divine.

The perfect summer dessert.


Here they are all plated up. My favorite 'design' for the little guys requires 5 blueberries, one raspberry and a strawberry slice. They look so pretty and patriotic.


My favorite tart recipe is from Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything. I have the iPhone app as well and it is absolutely worth the $3 price tag. It allows me to save recipes for the future and comes with a timer function which is useful.

Here are three tart tips:

  • Butter your tart tins like there's no tomorrow. Be generous.
  • Don't leave them in the oven too long--really pay attention as they're baking.
  • Don't make the layer under the fruit too thick. Whether you are using Nutella or something else, a too-thick layer can overwhelm the tart. Remember, a big part of why people like tarts is because of the crust.