Style | My Wall of Inspiration

You know, you might not be able to buy every little thing you see at the store, but you can certainly 'eye buy.' That's what I do, I 'eye buy.'

It's kind of like window shopping, except I either take a picture or rip a photo of what I want out of a magazine.

Then I stick it up here.

Collage 2

And it satisfies me greatly. Because sometimes I realize that those shoes aren't really as cute as I thought. Or that maybe the light blue in that dress wouldn't look so great on me. But I stuck it up there because I'd like to find a similar dress in a different color. And lord knows I don't want to forget about something I want. And, I might get lucky and find something similar; or better, than what I pulled out of the magazine.

Look at this. This is a beaded vest. I pulled it out of an issue of Lucky Magazine. See the price?

Beaded vest

$530. Yeowch. That's expensive.

Look at this!

Vest Close

Looks the same huh? It's not. I picked this up on clearance (last one; a few missing beads) for $30.

Vest Close 3

I love this piece. True, I don't get to wear it that often, but it's one of those things I will never, ever, not-in-a-million-years part with.

See this? This inspired one of the pieces in the 2010 Doris Doth collection [which is not yet out!].

Collage Wall

And this? This reminded me of something that led to the redesign of a client's logo.

Blue Dress

And remember this?

Collage 3

This is how I avoided having to figure out how to decorate this wall.

What inspires your style, both personally and in the home?