Style | How Wrap A Gift Elegantly and Affordably

The Gift For my Dad's birthday this year, I got him a few really nice cigars from a local tobacconist here in Cincinnati. Upon arriving home, I realized I didn't have an appropriately sized box to wrap them in. So I thought, how do you wrap cigars?

Like this, I suppose:

The Gift Close Up

And guess what? No tape, no staples and no glue were required to do this. I promise.

Here's how to wrap a gift the Simplicity Embellished way: 1. Take a brown paper bag. You know, the cheap kind. Put gift inside. Roll up. 2. Take a piece of scrap paper. I used a chunk of scrapbook paper I had lying around, but you can use anything, like a page from a magazine or even a newspaper article. 3. Tie with a ribbon

Do you likey? How do you wrap your gifts inexpensively? Leave a comment because we all want to know!