Something You Don't Know About Me

Let me begin with a story. It's late autumn in 2009. I'm at the local neighborhood bar with Victor, my husband. For a Saturday night, the place is relatively quiet. The lights are low, music is playing and Victor and I are tucked back into the far corners of a booth made to seat 6 people. He's on his second or third beer and I have a Guinness.

"What do you think about Mystery Bags?" I ask my spouse.

"What do you mean?"

"Like, those bags or boxes of junk you can buy for a like $1 and you have no idea what's inside."

This, a completely normal conversation to have while slightly intoxicated, developed into a full-on brand, a full-on business, a full-on retail concept.

It became Send Me Something....Where we Send You Something!

Unique Gift Idea

Here's what the deal is. You go to the site, you pick a certain size Something (A Little Something, Somethin' Something or SUPER Something), we curate a collection of items, expertly wrap them, include some extra goodies, a hand-stamped certificate of authenticity and a handwritten note and mail it off to you or the person you ordered it for. We're basically curating a story of sorts. At checkout, you can request specific items or general suggestions so we curate a better selection of things for you/your recipient.

We kept the site up and fully functional for about 12 or 18 months, I have no idea. Then, my business doubled in size and I turned the shopping cart off.

This past Sunday night, I couldn't sleep. I was laying there, awake, for no reason. I picked up my phone and pulled up Google Analytics. I was going to check in on traffic of one of the 55 websites I track (yep, 55 websites.)

By accident, I clicked on Send Me Something instead of Simplicity Embellished (they're next to each other in the list). Surprise!

10,000+ hits in the previous 5 days.

5 Days?

10,000+ hits?

I fly out of bed and rush into the living room. Victor is sitting on the couch reading something, also not able to sleep.


This is bizarre because:

a. We have not discussed SendMeSomething for well over 2 years.

b. I turned off the shopping cart.

We log in to the site and I turn the shopping cart back on. I drop over to Google Analytics and I see that there are 81 people on the site currently.

Unique Gifts Send Me Something

81 people. At once.

Then we hear a little noise come out of my computer.

A sale.

10 minutes later:

2 more sales.

By 3 am we have a significant number of sales.

So, I guess we're back up! 

I just wanted to share this with you because it's kind of cool and exciting. This was a little idea we had in a bar years ago and it's fun to see it up and running full speed. As for the traffic...where did it come from? We think we found the source but aren't sure. A national comedy show made mention of it, sort of. People are just Googling for more information.

In celebration of this, I'm posting a discount code here for 10% off any order. Shipping is also just $1. The code is DANG. It expires at the end of May. If you have someone you don't know what buy for, this might be a good solution. Judging from the comments, most of these orders are for fun gifts. And, if you want to see some of what has been sent out in the past, visit the Gallery of Somethings here. No new orders will be posted in the Gallery until after they're received by the recipients so we don't spoil the surprise.

Please note we have longer shipping times due to how the items have to be curated. Just be aware!

So, there's something you don't know about me.

Now you know!