Simplicity Embellished is NOT Dead!

Hi all, just a quick note to fill you in on some changes.

1. Simplicity Embellished is now at I have redirected the feed if you are subscribed via feed reader so if you are seeing this....all is good. 

2. All content from Simplicity Embellished has been pulled over to That is my personal site. It housed a separate blog I kept that detailed more about my professional life. Those posts are now mixed in with posts from Simplicity Embellished.

3. I'll be writing again! For me, having two websites to maintain on top of the web work I do for clients on top of the other websites I maintain and run was just too much. By combining by two personal sites into one, I am a happy, motivated-to-write camper.

4. If you have linked to in the past, those links should still work, they'll just forward to 

If you have any questions, send me a note.

Any my snail mail is still on hold. I have some significant life events to share in the future. 

Love + Letters,


Cole Imperi, CTComment