Simplicity Embellished 2.0

Hi everyone- Thanks for sitting back during SE's downtime. If you are reading in a RSS reader, you likely saw a change in the way the feed looks too. Come over to the main website to see all the new changes!

First, I did a redesign to emphasize the photography more. I feel strongly that content should come first in a design and many of you commented that you really valued the photography.

Second, I worked to make navigation easier. Hopefully, you can find the posts you want when you want them. I'll be adding in more navigation tools soon.

Third, I want to better communicate with you about upcoming posts. If you look over on the left sidebar, you'll see a list of what's coming. Instead of using a notebook, I'm going to use that little widget to keep track of upcoming posts. I thought you all might enjoy that feature as it lets you see what's on the horizon.

Fourth, if you have any suggestions yourselves about anything, please leave a comment at the end of this post.

Fifth, the update isn't 100% complete. You might notice some issues with images over the next couple of weeks and some tweaks and shifts here and there.

Many of you have already taken this survey, I'd love it if you'd take a second to complete it if you haven't already. Your feedback is important to me. Here it is:

Here is our Facebook page:

Here is our Sunday Tea email newsletter signup:

Thank you all for being patient during the downtime!
And, I'd love to hear from you sometime-- email to say hello and introduce yourself!