Review: Sheaffer Classic Calligraphy Mini Introductory Set

My Mom used to regularly practice calligraphy when she was younger. In fact, I know she has a photo somewhere of her in my grandparents living room with writing supplies on her lap. I've recently taken up an interest myself.  And this is what I started out with.

This is a really fun set and at less than $15 it's a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to delve into calligraphy but doesn't really want to make a big purchase. Mine came from an art supply store here in Cincinnati (Plaza Art Supplies).

This kit came with three calligraphy nibs. They're attached to a pen base (each with a different color) so you just screw those on and off as you switch between nib sizes. The kit also came with 4 ink cartridges (blue, black, green, red) and a simple 'how-to' guide.

Here's a look at the pen body. It's black plastic, has a good weight and has a rubber finger grip.

And, it just wouldn't be a Sheaffer without the white dot!

And I wanted to show you that there's a big 'window' in the side of the pen. This shows you full-on the ink cartridge inside and let's you see how much juice you've got left.

And now for an up close and personal look at the calligraphy nibs:

I like that the nibs are color coded.

I don't like that I have pen parts floating around, but since there's just one pen body and three nibs, well, that's how it is.

They all write really well and smoothly and I haven't had any issues with snagging, skipping, splashing or otherwise.

And for those of you searching for more details, I included a few shots from the box.

I know most seasoned calligraphy profressionals suggest starting with Speedball stuff. But I decided not to go that route. I had a conversation with a true calligraphy master and he told me that one out of every five or six Speedball nibs he buys are bad and have to be thrown away. As a beginner, I can't tell the difference between them! So, I went with Sheaffer and I'm very happy I did.