Fountain Pen Review | Sailor HighAce Neo Beginner Fountain Pen

The Sailor HighAce Neo is a neat little pen, and for about $15, I'd say it's a great one to start out with. First, you should know that this is extremely lightweight. I can not think of another pen that is lighter. I believe the Varsity weighs more than this pen. (The Varsity is a disposable fountain pen at about $3).


We ordered the HighAce from JetPens in California as I've not found anyone remotely nearby in Cincinnati who carries Sailor anything.

My husband wanted this pen to fall somewhere in between his Varsity disposables, which he uses when he's out and about, and his Cross Affinity, which he uses to journal and write letters with, mostly. I'd say the HighAce does fall in between those two pens, but it leans more towards the Varsity end of the spectrum.


I tend to be an aggressive writer and I am afraid I'll break this pen with my writing. It's just so lightweight.


However, at $15, I can tell you it's not a pen I'd cry over if it did break.

In a way, this pen reminds me of the Parker Jotter, which happens to be my husbands favorite ballpoint. The texture and feel is very similar.

Below is a sample of me writing with it in a Moleskine notebook. I used J. Herbin's Ambre De Birmanie and wrote as I normally would.


I would still choose my Lamy Safari's over the HighAce, but if you want a lightweight, less-expensive pen, then the HighAce should be an option. The HighAce would also be excellent to travel with because it's not super valuable and wouldn't be something to worry about.