Review | Kuretake Little Red Gift Set

Etegami is a beautiful, simple artform out of Japan and one that I've spent about 3 years with. I find it to be incredibly expressive without ever being over-the-top. The best part, in my opinion, is that it's not really truly actually etegami until you send it through the mail. It's art done on postcards. Perfection! Kuretake-Watercolor-Set

And this set? This is exactly what I would purchase if I was new to etegami. I would purchase this if I was a seasoned etegami pro. I would purchase this for someone who appreciates any sort of simple illustration...this set comes with a waterbrush, ink pen (felt-tipped) and 6 trays of watercolor.


The red watercolor tray? The red is my absolute beyond-favorite red.


The colors are phenomenal and the gold is just delicious. It's highly pigmented and metallic without looking cheap. Below is an etegami done on Akashiya Washi Postcard Paper. 


Speaking of cheap...the price? Twenty dollars.

Below, close ups of the ink on paper.


This is an incredible set. It gets the Simplicity Embellished stamp of YES and the Cole stamp of DOUBLE YES!


Here is the link to Jet Pens, where I bought this set. Click it and get you one!

Kuretake-Watercolor-Box-DetailWant to see some etegami? I've written about it a few times here on Simplicity Embellished. Here are some Christmas Etegami, here's some Bee etegami and some Spring Etegami.