My First Flex Nib

My husband and I attended the Ohio Pen Show a few weekends ago and I purchased my first flex nib fountain pen. It's a beautiful 14kt nibbed beauty. The barrel reads 'Prosperity Pen NYC.' I've found lots of conflicting information on this pen. Prosperity Pen Flex Nib

A flex nib looks like any other nib, really.

And look at the heart! I adore that little heart. I look at it when I write and it makes me feel like the ink is all love-laced and whatnot.

Prosperity Pen Flex Nib 14kt Nib

This pen is a beautiful blend of greys, silvers and red.

And it's a lever-filler.

Prosperity Pen Flex Nib 14kt Nib Lever

Here's a sample of my writing with it, and a picture of the pen in full.

My writing looks so much more elegant and lovely with a flex nib. It's been hard for me NOT to write with it these past few weeks.

Prosperity Pen Flex Writing Sample

Let's look at the heart again.

Did I mention how much I love this pen? And that it loves me back? ;)

Prosperity Pen Flex Nib Heart

The ink is Diamine Monaco Red and I wrote on 25% cotton paper. I love the flex nib because it allows for color variation in the ink and it gives a natural shading to my lines. It's smooth to write with and a true joy.

Prosperity Pen Flex Nib Writing Sample with Sealing Wax

Here's a look at the ink as it's drying. (below)

Flex nibs are going to be juicier than standard nibs and so drying time for your ink will be longer and quality paper is almost a must. Bleed-through is much more common with flex nibs.

Flex Nib Writing Sample

Just look how the ink pools at the edges of the lines. Lovely!

Sealing Wax Close Up Flex Nib

And here's a look at the nib from the side (below).

I will say that the amount of flex in your nib is something to really consider. Trying so many flex nibs at the Ohio Pen Show was essential for me. Some flex nibs I tried (that I had seen/read about online) ended up being dreadful for me in person. Too flexible or not enough. We all have unique ways of writing, unique ways of holding the pen, unique ways of writing our letterforms---and some flex nibs will hinder your natural process rather than enhance. For example, my husband got a Parker Challenger which has a minimal flex to it and I would rather pick a standard non-flex nib over that pen. I just don't like the way it writes so much. And my husband, because of his natural writing style, did not like moderately flexible fountain pens at all.

So with flex nibs, always try before you buy.

Sealing Wax Close Up Flex Nib