Postal Scale Review: Taylor Weigh & Store Kitchen Scale

First, let me say that this scale was less than $5 including tax. I needed something to double-check my postage estimating abilities; see, I'm someone who writes lengthy letters and someone who sticks little goodies inside as well. Most of the time, I only need a single stamp but I'm guilty of having letters returned to me with red letters declaring that there was not enough postage. I picked this up at Target (in the kitchen section; it's a food scale) and figured while it might not be able to tell me with 100% accuracy how much something weighs, for my needs, it should do fine.

Taylor Weigh & Store Kitchen Scale

And you know what? I'm pleasantly surprised. Under the black scale part, there's a nob that lets you set the red line wherever it needs to be and it comes with a plastic bin you can place on top as well. If you need to store it, it fits inside the bin and comes with a lid that locks too. I 'tested' this scale and it's more than accurate for the needs of a letter-writer.

Here are some details taken off the box:

  • 1 year warranty
  • dishwasher safe, removable top container with clear lid
  • 16 oz. capacity
  • measures in 1/4 oz. increments

I'm glad I didn't purchase a fancy scale and instead went with this one. This one is much smaller and requires no battery or power source, plus it's nowhere near the $30 or $40 I was considering spending. However, I was searching for 'postal scales' which are really the same as kitchen scales when you think of it, just not as costly.